Hur vet jag om en kille gillar mig / How do I know if a guy likes me (på engelska)


Hur vet jag om en kille gillar mig / How do I know if a guy likes me (på engelska)

I assume you ask yourself this question often How do I know if a guy likes me?
Both men and women can be seen as peacocks that show their beautiful feathers a little extra and clearly when there’s someone around who we want to impress. This can happen both consciously and unconsciously. One more thing that is common to both men and women’s body language when it comes to attraction and charm is that we imitate each other’s gestures and movements when we hang out with someone we like. Something to think about maybe? Now for the slightly more specific signals that just men and guys send when they feel attracted.

Body posture
When men are in groups together with a woman who we feel attracted to, we can show it with our body language by taking up much space. We want to make us as big and grand as possible for the woman to see as much of us as possible. Again, peacock principle that I mentioned above. If we sit down, we are happy to lay our arms on the backrest of the seats next to us. If we stand up, we gladly put our hands on the hips so that our elbows pointing out to the sides. We gladly stretch ourselves so that we will be a little longer.
Dare he take place and make hinself visible to you, then he might be interested in you.
Yes, interest can also be read in how the person stands or sits in relation to your position. Sitting near you, leaning in, then this is a clear sign of interest. If you sit close, and he leans away, it’s usually a sign of disinterest. If this happens during your first date, it’s not that you need to lay down and go home, but it may be that he’s slightly awkward / nervous / inexperienced, or that he is running it as a “tactic” to get you wanting to chase him. Does he do it on a “cool” and jokingly condescending way, it’s a tactic (he’s interested), then you can “punish” him by backing you too, then you can make it up to him to chase you the rest of the evening by use of his “tactics”.

A clear thing you may notice is nervousness. A man has no reason to be nervous if it does not feel that “something” is at stake, in a dating context. Nervousness is something we as humans like to try to hide, but if you observe body language, you should look out for hands that do not know where to go and fast movements. If he have his hands in his pocket or his arms across his chest (hug himself) are both signs that he does not feel relaxed, this is not because you did something wrong, but this rather depends on his inability to feel relaxed with himself in a situation where he meets someone who can “hurt him” emotionally. That is, as long as he stays, he is willing to risk possible defeat because he sees that he has something valuable to gain.

Other signs of nervousness: He speaks quickly, or does he has hard to contribute to the conversation at all. Are yourself a girl who babbling on about everything and nothing when you are nervous, then turn it to your advantage if the guy is hard to contribute to the conversation in the beginning. Never say: “ush so I babble,” but check out the situation and then, leave gaps, ask questions, keep talking, you only make it easy for him since he will not have to worry.

If he instead is one who talks a lot, and only about his accomplishments in life, it is also a sign of interest. Many women take that as direct opposite, that he is not showing interest in a her life.
But this is a sign of uncertainty for the guy, that is, what he does is try to prove their worth to you. Similar to a male bird that shows off a dance for a female bird for her to notice him as valuable. “Dances” that are too long, seen by many women as unattractive, the same applies in the other direction, so you may need to invite him in a discussion that he can contribute in.

As for compliments, it’s fairly obvious, but some girls and women can have difficulties with this, suspicions that there is a “hidden motive” or that what is said is too good to be true. My advice to you is to stop work against yourselves. Attraction is subjective, or that one would usually say, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” what the guy finds attractive about you is his personal taste and his tastes do not include your self-criticism, you are doing yourself an incredible disservice by arguing against him. If you do not know what to say, try the phrase “Thank you, what nice of you to think so” or “How happy I am that you think so” or just a “What cute you are.”

Is he trying to look good for you?
As I mentioned earlier, we always want to show off the best side of ourselves when we are around someone we like, so keep an eye on his appearance fixation. Does he often adjust his shirt? Does he brush away dust from the clothes that are not really there? He might even try to smell his own breath to ensure that he does not smell bad. All these are signs that he wants to be as handsome as possible, maybe for you if it’s you he directs his attention to when he fixes to it.

Does he help you?
Even with the slightest thing he we be there? Does he offer his help without you asking first? Then it is quite certain that he likes you.

He sends sms to you
A guy does not like you in THAT way just because he sends sms to you, but if he does not have anything to write about, and he is just wondering how you are today or if he has bad excuses to get in touch , he is definitely interested.

He does not like your guy friends
If a guy does not like your guy friends, it is a sign that he wants to be the only guy in your life. But be careful, because it can also mean that he is a little jealous and want exclusivity on you.

He looks at you
The best way to flirt is to use your eyes, if you find a guy looks at you often like it is a good sign. If he also makes sure to always be in the same place as you, he wants to be around you the you should not be afraid to ask if he wants to go on a date with you.

He listens to you
Guys usually doesnt talk about feelings unnecessarily and doesnt care about girl talk. If he really listens to you and what you have to say (even “boring” things, you can be sure that he is interested.

He touches you when you talk
Does he touch you when he trying to get your attention? If he is always finding excuses to have body contact, it is a good sign that he’s a little hungry for you. Other thins like holding your waist, touching the thighs, or if he is a shy guy, rubbing his head. We all had those moments of confusion when a guy starts to stroke you like a dog. Yes, it’s weird, but it’s a sign that he likes you.

He waits.
You are standing and talking about something when the topic of conversation abruptly ends. Instead of just turning around and going, he stands there for a few seconds while a silence settles between you. Here is your door to ask him out! That one “hanging” left in a situation usually means he want something more to happen – make sure it does!

He dresses up
Notice if he fixes the collar or fix his jeans when you are nearby. How is his body posture? If it seems like he spends an extra second to his look when you meet among your friends, it’s because he wants to show his best looking side for you. Tell him he’s hot as hell and invite for a drink!

He remembers things
If you briefly have said that you have to go and buy new shoes and two days later he asks if you find new shoes, you can take that as he is interested in you.

His buddies know you
When he introduces you to a friend who says, “Well, YOU are Sara! Damn, nice to meet you “, it means only one thing: He has been talking about you.

Let’s say you met a few times, you’ve had sex, etc., you start to have feelings. If he is in such a situation that he is leaning away from you, but without a “cool” excuse, when you meet, it is a sign of lack of interest, but not necessarily a lack of interest in you as a partner, but maybe that he is “full.” See the guy that a baby who finished eating, he will probably be hungry for you again if you just give him space. In such a situation, it is a good idea to be responsive, end the date in a smooth manner. For example saying “Hey!” give him a kiss and say “I am about to go home” or whether you are at home with you, “I have little to fix before I go to sleep, so maybe we should end this date? “, or” I’ll get up early tomorrow, so it’s not the best idea that you sleep here tonight. ”

If the guy shows no interest in you, it is then time to show him that you’re doing fine without him. Not in a bitter way, on the contrary, be so relaxed and indifferent as possible in front of his disinterest. That is, do not put any demands or requests that he must kiss you, do not say that you are someone who likes to kiss, hold hands, be close together and so on. In short, he shows disinterest, it’s NEVER good for you to show more interest. Wait till after you had space from each other or when he has expressed interest in you again. Try to level with him.

If the guy’s interest starts to wane, then you have zero chance of winning him by telling your romantic wish list. You want him, then it is his opinion of you you should be focused on, not your desire for him.

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